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Search Engine Optimization! Now that’s a phrase on many people’s lips at the minute. In the world of “Search” we all know that “to be found” we need to analyze this to death to ensure we appear on the search engines to ensure we drive web users to our websites. There are now many companies that are dependent on the online system to generate sales of their products and services. Everyone wants and always will want a first page ranking to appear on the search engines…. However if this is something you wish to achieve in the short term, it is only available to those with the deepest pockets. In reality reaching the goal of 1st page ranking can only be achieved as you gain online presence and respect as a credible company, this way your authority increases and you climb the rankings ladder. Nowadays, it is fair to say it is impossible to go straight to the number one spot overnight. This is due to the incredible and complicated algorithms that the search engine providers are using to ensure web browsers arrive at a search result that is fully congruent with their search terms and ensures they arrive at website that fulfils their needs and provides fully what they are looking for. Google have been implementing measures to ensure the web is continually more relevant and moderated. Old tricks and tactics in the form of underhand link building etc have been rendered valueless by the search engines and in addition very detrimental to web masters that adopt these methods further to sites being penalised that utilise these underhand methods of driving traffic to their websites.

Google have rolled out Penguin 3.

This is the very latest implementation by Google to fight spam and un-ethical links. This is the 3rd implementation by Google this year. These changes are said to have affected around 4% of searches and has created a noticeable change in search results. There is no need for concern for the webmasters that are using ethical methods and quality SEO campaigns to ensure a good ranking, however for the guys that are using and have previously used the underhand methods have now seen their websites being hugely downgraded and no longer appear on the early pages further to a search. In these cases rankings have dropped by, in some cases, hundreds of pages, and in others the on line presence seemed to have been wiped off the face of Google entirely. Unfortunately this has caused many Businesses to go bust. This is a huge display of the power the likes of Google have and a reminder that all webmasters really do need to toe the line. To engage in dodgy practices to drive traffic to your website is no longer an option and will not be tolerated.

The reason that rankings have dropped is simple. If your website has 1000 back links, and a large percentage of these links come from websites that are of very little value to a web user, you will be penalised. The worst of the offenders being link farms and websites that offers nothing but poorly written content which have been rammed with commercial links. These websites have been determined as holding little to no value by Penguin which is then cast as a signal to Google’s algorithm to exclude these sites from its index. These websites no longer rank and no longer generate any link credibility or authority for your website. This is where you lose the “false” credibility you had previously and now rank lower in the search ratings.

The Penguin has put a stop to these aforementioned practices in order to return the intended purpose of the internet to the everyday users. It ensures that the most relevant and genuinely helpful sites are at the top of the results, the way it should be, so that when you click a link you are presented with a website that satisfies your needs.

Links remain one of the key elements of the way in which Google calculates how sites are ranked. There are ways in which link practices should be set about and the many hundreds of businesses and webmasters that use these methods of driving traffic know that it is the only genuine way to remain a competitive force.

Best way to create back links is to use RELEVANT:

  • Profile links
  • Article directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • Site directories

It is very easy to create back links; however it is very important to ensure they are relevant and of high quality. Since Penguin was introduced it is more than ever paramount to strive for quality as opposed to quantity. In many cases some sites that have thousands of back links have less credibility that a site with just a few real good quality ones.


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