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today it is imperative for companies to have a quality website that is fully mobile ready

Having a traditional website targeted only at desktop and laptop users is not an option and it is imperative to have a version of your site optimised for mobile web devices. Your site needs to be optimised for smart phones such as the iPhone, Android based systems, and tablet devices such as the iPad. At Safetech Design we will ensure you give your site visitors an outstanding mobile web experience to ensure excellent conversion and repeat visits to your site.Large companies and corporations are launching mobile web versions of their websites to ensure their users can access all of the sites pages on mobile devices. They understand it is paramount to have their web pages displayed quickly and easily and realise it is one of the most important parts of their business. We feel that if the big players are applying this strategy, then all companies should be following suit to ensure they future proof their businesses.

mobile commerce is the big story here, with retailers seeing mobile sales at circa 8% of their total digital income

Adam Plummer, head of e-commerce at beauty and bath products retailer The Body Shop, says he is seeing more sales and visits from mobile devices. “Mobile really is a game-changer,” Plummer says. “The shift to becoming the primary device of choice is well under way.” Although The Body Shop’s mobile sales are growing significantly (he would not disclose sales figures), Plummer says mobile visits are more impressive. One in five visits to The Body Shop’s e-commerce site stem from a mobile device, he says.
It is said that by 2014 there will be more people using mobile web devices than traditional desktops and laptops. There are more users accessing websites using their handheld mobile devices than ever before and it is estimated that mobile web usage will overtake traditional desktop and laptop use by 2014. This means more and more people are going to be searching for your business using their mobile device. If your web site is not ready for this we strongly recommend it is optimised for the mobile web.

a mobile web page is a lot faster than a normal web page

The reason for this is that many mobile devices rely on 3G which is slower than broadband at showing web pages. If your web site is a mobile web optimised version, the sites code will be written in a way that ensures the user receives the information they are looking for very quickly. This allows your prospective customers to navigate your products and services with great ease.

why wait?

Your competition may be operating with a traditional non-mobile optimised site. What does that mean? It means that mobile users will prefer to purchase from you because they can use your services on the move. A bigger market share will improve your business and drive up sales.


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