The Insatiable appetite for technology continues

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No Excuses, Get Online today
December 14, 2012
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Shout and Scream!
January 17, 2013

The Insatiable appetite for technology continues

Wow what a Christmas for Technology!
Everyone was aware that the words on the lips of most people when discussing their Xmas wish lists were mainly, Ipad, IPod, IPhone, Galaxy, Kindle,Tablet this and Tablet that……..What a huge tablet to swallow!! The results found to materialise was in the form of Morphine rather than Paracetamol! We would guess that Santa would need a huge dose of medication further to delivering copious amounts of electronics to an insatiable public.

A World record historic number of electronic devices and Apps, like Facebook, were activated on Christmas day this year.

Let’s look at what this means.
Go back one year to last Christmas 2011 for a minute. On this day we witnessed a single day record set of around 6.8 Million device activations. We then went on to securing more and more activations in 2012 peeking in December 2012 at around 4 Million activations per day. Then… BOOM..On Xmas day 2012 we witnessed more than 17.4 Million activations! These figures display an unheard of increase in the appetite for technology at a level of around 330%

Once the shiny paper was ripped from the pressies and the devices activated, the happy receivers were then on a roll and ready to set another world record by downloading Apps and visiting websites to make purchases of peripherals used to protect their new found love.
Their hearts pounded during Christmas day as they went on to download around 328 Million Apps. This figure sits at double the average for the days in December 2012. Evidence shows that the hunger continued throughout the day, with around 10 Million Apps downloaded at around 8am and then around 20 Million Apps Downloaded every hour for the next 14 hours. It then tailed off at around 10pm, probably due to the fact the other love of their life required some TLC, oh and of course they needed some sleep, which always gets in the way of technology! However we all need to wake up some time, and the Tablet and Smartphone users certainly did. Alcohol was obviously lower in the agenda and the hangovers didn’t materialise. Users continued to download Apps at an alarming rate, and by New Years Day had downloaded more than 1.5 Billion Apps.

This phenomenon is not going away. We need to understand that this is the tip of the iceberg and what we are seeing today is truly in its infancy and we will certainly be blown away with what is set to come. Studies show that more than half the population in the US and the UK are using the modern electronic devices and downloading Apps and the people that are not currently will be doing so within the next 6 months.
This means one thing, all businesses throughout the world MUST embrace the internet and integrate a strategy within their business models to deliver their products and services online. No more excuses, the evidence is fully visible and suggests if we don’t embrace the web and the power of mobile devices in the web world our companies will fade away and die. Don’t let this happen to your company, take action today.


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