Staying Focused To Make Money

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September 7, 2012
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September 11, 2012

Staying Focused To Make Money

Business is brilliant, opportunities everywhere; however in this information age beware of being bogged down by oscillating from idea to idea. We all have an insatiable appetite for surfing the net, looking for ideas of how to improve our business models and create more sales. Most people do exactly that, just looking and reading and talking about what they are going to do. No action is taken to implement their findings and they then move onto the next good idea as to how they can make more money. This process creates a kind of insanity because you tend to think that you are doing lots of work to improve your business; however the reality is that you are not doing anything at all, except creating disappointment and staying exactly where you are. It is important therefore to stay focused and look at the areas of your business where you truly add value and then look at ways to deliver this value to potential or existing customers. For instance if you run an organisation that operates with high ethics and offers excellent customer service, ensure everyone knows that is how you operate with the actions that you constantly take. Don’t make the mistake of contacting your customers now and again to ask if they received their purchase ok or if the service you provided them was up to scratch, contact them EVERYTIME. Stay focused on your ethics and ensure that you write your systems to ensure every customer that deals with your company is treated in exactly the same way, every single time. Perhaps you’re running round in circles trying to create new business when the new business is right under your nose with your existing clients. If you contact your customers to ensure they are fully happy with what you have done for them, you will have the opportunity to correct any errors to ensure your customer is fully satisfied. Why would this customer decide to ever take their business elsewhere when they know that you will endeavour to satisfy their needs every time? They wouldn’t. Your customer retention rate will go through the roof. At this stage it is then time to look at other ways your company can diversify and grow. Again don’t make the mistake of running all over the place looking at ways you can make more money, look close to home. Maybe your company provides commercial cleaning services. You have been operating for a while and are at the stage where you can sustain offering an excellent service whilst ensuring the customer service you provide is second to none. Your clients are loyal and have been using your services for a long time. We would say that cleaning is in the facilities industry. Facilities is a huge industry and includes services like maintenance, sanitary provisions and waste disposal. As you have already proven to your customers that you are a credible company, the chances of them allowing you to look after other aspects of their facilities are huge. Now it’s time to look at offering another quality service to your client. Don’t self sabotage your efforts buy worrying that the area is outside of your expertise. Expertise can be bought, ethics and the hard work that you have put in to create a reliable name can’t be. Be truthful with your client and tell them that you are thinking of providing additional services because you feel that you can add value to the services that you already provide. Tell them that you are investigating options to ensure that the additional services will be delivered in the same way as the services that you already provide and will exceed the quality of the service they currently receive from the existing service provider. You will be amazed at the response! Your client will be glad to hear this news. You have just told them that you are going to make their life easier by looking after aspects of their business that are lacking value. You will find that your client may even let you know what the original provider is charging to ensure you can be competitive and win the work. Suddenly you are in a position where you have the potential to evolve from a small cleaning company to a global facilities management company……of course if that is what you want. Let’s get back to the ‘staying focused’ at this stage and remind ourselves that these actions need to be what you really want. It is important to understand that any actions you decide to take need to be fully congruent with your true passion to ensure that you follow through and stay focused on your goal.


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