Networking For Success

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September 6, 2012
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September 7, 2012

Networking For Success

At Safetech Design we like to offer you more than Web Design.

Networking, whether online, physical or both is absolutely paramount for any business.

Most business in many sectors is generated via word of mouth and most sales are secured further to establishing an element of trust with your customers. It is very important to understand that customers are buying ‘you’ most of the time as opposed to your commodity. The commodity you are selling, whether an item or a service is really only part of why people make purchases. Most transactions are made further to buyers using emotions, hence the true value of a product or service is a perception. We will cover this sales strategy elsewhere on another blog. What we are saying here is that it is very important to network to give potential buyers a full understanding of the type of product or service you offer and the ethics you use in delivering these. The best way for us to explain this is to use a common comparison between watching a film and reading a book. It is always said that “the book is better than the film”. This is because when you read a book, there’s different ways of interpreting things. It is your choice as to how you view the story when reading a book. We think this it is because books can be so much more descriptive than films, and that they leave lots more to your imagination. Films are just one view of the story, but if you read a book, you can picture it the way you like it. This means that when you network you really get to connect with your potential customers and allow them to buy ‘you’ as opposed to your product. The sales will follow in mass.

In addition to initial sales, selling this way secures quality customers that buy from you time and time again, because you are in a position that you are a ‘known quantity’ and deliver results every time. Further to the respect and trust you gain from your networking partners you will also find that you receive contact from third parties that have been recommended by these people. The referrals are usually already sold on the idea of using you for a product or service, therefore converting them into one of your customers is very easy. The reason for this is that your new customer has yet again used emotions and listened to their referrer saying things like, “They are so helpful”, “They are honest and friendly”, and “They made it so easy for me”. Bear in mind they probably didn’t even speak about the product or service at all. You will find that this process compounds and before you know it you have enquires coming from all over the place and are running a very credible well known company….Easy


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