Fire And Then Aim

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September 4, 2012
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September 7, 2012

Fire And Then Aim

At Safetech Design we like to offer you more than Web Design. Our advise to you is take action now and don’t wait for tomorrow. Follow your dreams and the money will follow.

Many people tend to look at the big picture before they go into business. Unfortunately the “what If’s” scare them and they decide not to take action. If you are going to lie to yourself and say that you won’t be able to handle it, why not tell yourself that you will be able to handle it instead?

Many people believe that you should ensure that everything is in place prior to launching a business to make you ready for any situation. The problem with this approach is that these people end up Aiming, Aiming, and Aiming and never getting to fire! Our approach to this is “Fire and then Aim”.

If you are passionate about what you are doing and feel that you can add good value to the product or services that you are providing you can’t lose. Your passion will drive you forward to deal with any situation, allowing you the time and energy to react to situations and implement actions as and when required. If you follow the path of providing a quality service with good ethics that you truly believe in the rest will just fall into place and the money will follow.

Leap into action in spite of your doubts. It’s unreasonable to expect that everything will be perfect from the start. A dream, passion and an idea is good enough.

Ideas don’t normally become crystal clear when you’re not taking action and procrastinating. To be honest they rarely become crystal clear even after you’ve implemented them.

When we get an idea for a new website, it’s usually quite fuzzy. All we have is an idea of an image we want to portray to our clients customers, like the branding and colours etc. Our clients trust us to deliver a quality product that will give them the best on line presence available. With input from our clients and innovative ideas from our designers the end result is always perfect. The point I’m trying to make and want to share is that the end result always comes to fruition to match your intention.

All you need is a small idea about what you want to deliver to the market place and that’s enough to start taking action. Once you have taken the first steps towards setting up your own business you will then get the ideas for the next steps, one at a time. You will find that the ideas just come to you automatically, and then you are free and ready to take action on the new ideas. This method frees you up to concentrate on one thing at a time instead of being bogged down trying to accomplish too many things at once. The old adage “less haste more speed” comes to mind. You will find that your company is much more successful than the one down the road that has a 200 page business plan!

If you’re waiting for clarity and for everything to be correct before you get moving into action, you’re being very silly. That kind of clarity isn’t going to come, and everything is never going to be perfect anyway.

What if you make a mistake? Who cares!  If you avoid mistakes, you avoid learning and growing. Mistakes are nothing to worry about. Make many mistakes and from them you will become strong and wise and very wealthy.

Don’t live in the past and stand around thinking, “I don’t know what to do… I’m just not sure…” unless you want all of your tomorrows to look like your yesterdays.

Take action now.


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