Our Employee Ethics.

The Safetech Design Way is the essence of our company ethics. It’s our approach that supports everything that we do. We ensure we give customers the best possible experience….always.

Because the Safetech Design Way is so important to us, we always look for the same values and qualities in our employees throughout the application and selection process.

Our customers are at the core of our operations and drive our business. They’re at the fore front of everything that we do, so we’re passionate about listening to their needs. We are adamant to exceed their expectations every time.

We assist our employees in excelling in their careers and they work together to help us to deliver an outstanding service to all our clients. They do that by bringing innovation and creativity to everything they do. We embrace our teams to ensure our work environment is an exciting and rewarding place to be.

Our staff are fantastic. They’re literally obsessed with delivering the most incredible customer service. They’re also experts at what they do.

You love customers

You consider the customer experience in every decision you make. You make sure you always understand customer needs; you listen carefully and ask questions too. Your good relationship with your customers is paramount.

You’re innovative and creative

You’re always coming up with ideas that make things better, whether that’s new products, new services or new ways of working. You discuss your mistakes and failures so others can learn from them.

You’re ambitious and competitive

You have the kind of energy and passion it takes to beat the competition. You have an excellent attitude that inspires others to achieve more. You take pride in the entire team’s accomplishments too.

You act with speed and integrity

You address problems quickly and plan for speedy delivery.  You always act with pace and energy with excellent and efficient solutions. You always prioritise the outcomes that matter most to the business.

You deliver simplistic solutions

Your aim is always to make things easy for customers, colleagues and partners. You challenge anything that isn’t and you always seek to remove unnecessary complexity.

You are trustworthy and integral

You’re reliable and very easy to deal with. You always aim to deliver for others and you trust others to do the same. You are always open and honest and have the customer’s intentions at heart.

Be our customer’s friend

At Safetech Design delivering the correct solution for our customers drives everything we do. You always ensure you use your sense of humour, flair and friendly personality when dealing with all clients to ensure an outstanding customer experience.

Whoever you’re talking to, you’ll offer warm, friendly, helpful advice, and simple, thoughtful solutions. You’ll explain the benefits of our products and services and show them all the great reasons they should use our company.

We are committed to give you the freedom you need to build relationships and take responsibility for your actions to ensure you do the best job you possibly can for your clients.

You’ll be hungry to learn, develop and progress.

We always look for plenty of initiative. We love to hear any ideas you might have about how we can do things even better. If you have a natural ability to build relationships with your customers and give them the best imaginable service. This could be the start of a long term career with Safetech Design.

Experience isn’t always necessary. We truly value a positive personality and a strong focus on going that extra mile to provide remarkable service. Show us that and there’s no end to what you can achieve.

What can you bring to the party at Safetech design?

Get in touch with us and tell us about yourself and your ambitions.

We are here to listen and treat all applications with the strictest privacy.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Safetech Design Team, please send a cover letter and your CV to alternatively please contact us below

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