Build My Own Website?

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September 7, 2012
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September 11, 2012

Build My Own Website?

At Safetech Design we like to offer you more than Web Design.

In today’s market it is imperative for any business to have a Website to ensure that potential customers can see what services and products they are offering. I recall when the web began (I’m not that old honestly!) large companies like ‘M&S’ , ‘Tesco’s’, ‘Sainsbury’s’, ‘PC World’, etc began to print www.blablabla on their stationery and transportation. I personally thought that this was crazy and the printers and vehicle graphic companies would clean up when the www. thing fizzled out and they needed it removed. Well how wrong was I! As we all know, the web has gone from strength to strength and the internet is here to stay. Every company across the globe has had no choice but to embrace the internet and integrate web based applications into their business models to survive moving forward. This has created an unavoidable situation where it is paramount for all businesses to have a quality on line presence. Quality being the operative word here. We have found that everyone that speaks to anyone about a product or service instantly looks at the website that provides the product or service. For instance, someone says that PC World is offering the new apple iPad and iPhone for a 20% discount. The person doesn’t visit or call the shop anymore to see if the offer is authentic, they immediately visit the company’s website to check it out. Everyone knows that PC World is a credible company, therefore if the price is right they will not hesitate to make a purchase. But say the company offering the authentic brilliant deal was an unknown quantity and unrecognised name. Trust and respect would need to be won by the seller to ensure potential customers are converted on their website. If the website is designed incorrectly you are more or less guaranteed to lose the sale. You have done all the hard work to get a potential customer to visit your website and lost them due to your web presence being in sufficient. I suppose a good analogy is to imagine a high street store that looks cluttered and dirty and employee’s staff that look like rouges. They may have the best prices in town; however make very few sales due to the fact that potential buyers immediately leave their store after entering. If your website is not congruent with the product or service you are providing or doesn’t work in a way that allows for the customer to see what you are offering and make orders with ease you are setting yourself up for failure. The potential buyers will immediately leave your website. Looking at this issue it is arguable as to whether it is better to have no web presence as opposed to a bad web presence. I would guess that an insufficient web site would probably do your business more harm than good.

Further to the huge growth in demand for web presence there has been a massive influx in services being provided to “Help people” get online. Gone are the days where you need to spend tens of thousands of pounds for a website (Of course un less you are a multinational company that houses huge ecommerce interfaces etc). You can generate an online presence, in some cases free of charge! However, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” springs to mind and I wouldn’t believe many free options to get online would be very credible and fulfil the needs of a credible business. We have looked at the pros and cons of building your own website.

Build your own Website or not?

If you know a little about PC’s and have the confidence that you can produce a good result it is possible to build your own website. There are many very cheap options on the web that make it possible for you to do this. It is a very affordable way to gain an online presence. Some of the designs can be used to produce reasonably good and usable websites however, it’s not always as easy as it seems and can be very time consuming. If you have plenty of time to ensure the design is going to be useable and fully credible it can be a very affordable option. If your time is very valuable and your business suffers further to your time spent building the web site, the final cost could far out way the benefits. In other words, if you spend just 200 hours, that’s about a month, working on your website and you equate your earning potential within your business to be just £10 per hour your website would have cost around £2000. If the website created meets your needs fully and works in a way that provides your company with an excellent online present you would probably believe this to be money well spent, however if the final design was to be insufficient this may cause frustration further to the wasted time and money.

Look and Feel

Many of the websites available are template based, therefore many have a generic feel and the final design can appear to look like many others. Unfortunately this has the effect of lost credibility for your website and ultimately your business. It is very important to apply your ethics and branding to your website to ensure your customers get to know who you are and how you do business. It is hard sometimes to do this with a template that thousands of other companies have used in the past and is probably out of date. Ensure that you build your website in a way that fully incorporates your company brand and follow this through on all of your stationery including invoices and business cards. Imagine receiving an invoice from Amazon and it looks completely different from the branding on their website. Think of the respect and trust you have for them just because all of their branding is congruent, and you only bought a DVD from them that you could have bought anywhere!

We have spoken about the aesthetics of the website but probably more important is the workability and SEO.

Make it work

When designing your website it is very important to ensure that the layout is correct so that users can easily navigate your pages, see what you have to offer and effortlessly place orders. Make it very easy for your users to contact you, they may want to make contact to ensure you do exist and will meet their demands. Now days it is very important to integrate social networking to ensure your users can tell their friends about the excellent service that you provide. Most people in the future will visit your website on a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone. It is imperative that you build your website to be fully mobile optimized to ensure that your web pages display properly on mobile devices. Again, if your web pages look shocking on a user’s phone they will not buy from you. Think about companies like ‘eBay’, ‘ASOS’ and ‘Very’. These companies ensure that you can purchase from them very easily. In addition to this they ensure you know what you are purchasing and when you will receive it.

You can build the best website that anyone has seen, however it’s no use to anyone floating around in hyperspace. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to ensure that your website is fully Search Engine Optimized. The search engines, especially Google, are constantly changing algorithms that their robots use to find and index your website. The website code needs to be written in a way that key words are incorporated to ensure your website is found further to being searched for on all web browsers.

Avoid making errors when building your website; you don’t want a site that will never feature in the search engine results.

If you do decide to build your own website we truly wish you the best of luck.

If you decide it’s too much for you or simply don’t have the time to do this, then talk to us. We are here to help you where we can.


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